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The American Real Estate Investors Academy

What we are

We are a national real estate investors association for people who do not have a local REIA group or association of real estate investors in their area.  We also exist for people who want more real estate investing education in addition to what they have locally.  We are more than a local real estate investors club because we have the resources that most city or state based real estate investors groups can’t match.


What we offer

Real Estate Investing Education is our main focus.  We understand that not all real estate investors learn in the same manner, so we offer a variety of real estate education options.  We strive to be the internet’s top real estate education destination.

We offer real estate investor education in a number of formats.

Free real estate investors Newsletter emailed directly to your inbox.  Our real estate investing newsletter covers a variety of topics suited to the seasoned investor and the new investor as well.  We cover across the full spectrum of real estate investing; everything from how to buy a house with no money down, how to fix and flip a single family house, lease options, raising private money, creative financing techniques, commercial real estate, investing in self-storage, buying real estate in your Roth IRA, how to be a landlord, real estate law, marketing for real estate entrepreneurs, how to find motivated sellers, and just about anything else that our nationally known real estate educators write.

Real estate investors who visit our site will also have access to the best real estate guru’s and a wide variety of real estate investor home study courses.  We have real estate education products from Ron LeGrand, Robyn Thompson, Larry Goins, Jack Bosch, Dr. Albert Lowry, Jay Conner, Allan Cowgill, Wendy Patton, Kathy Kennebrook, Chris Johnston, Lee Phillips and more.

Our panel of nationally known real estate speakers have courses on commercial real estate, ACTS, sandwich lease options, buying raw land, wholesaling, credit repair, direct mail marketing, raising private money, government grants for real estate, asset protection for real estate investors, creative financing, real estate note buying, buying real estate at government auctions, commercial self-storage, commercial multi-family real estate investing, negotiating real estate deals, and many other subjects.

For real estate investors who crave a formal education, we have an agreement with Homberg University to bring real estate accredited education to the masses.  Homberg is a more traditional online real estate education in a variety of disciplines.  They have everything from real estate agent continuing education to classes on commercial real estate development.

The real estate Apprentice Program is a real estate mentoring program on steroids.  Real estate investors are paired with a successful real estate investor who will guide the student through the process of making money in real estate.  We use a one on one coaching model with excellent results.

The discount package that American REIA has negotiated is designed to save real estate investors, property managers, real estate agents, brokers, appraisers, landlords and any other small business person, a pile of money.   For less than the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks, members of the Gold Club can save money at dozens of national retailers including Lowes Home Improvement Centers, Sherwin Williams, Sears Commercial, National Real Estate Insurance Group, Sunbelt Tool Rental, OdorXit, Build A Sign, and many more.

Our resource center is a collection of special deals and discounts for real estate investors and home owners who want to save money.  We have negotiated discounts for marketing companies like GoDaddy, Social OOMPH, Tube Tool Box, Yellow Letters, Bandit Signs, and custom printed marketing giveaways.  We also have money saving deals on home renovation products like Subway Tile, LBC Lighting, and BuyGreen.com.

Tenant Screening services are another area where we can help landlords and investors who want to sell a property with owner financing. The implementation of the Dodd-Frank Law has changed the game, if you want to sell a house with owner financing then you need to run a credit check for your tenant buyers.

We offer virtual staffing services of VA’s for our savvy real estate investors who want to outsource their administrative of marketing functions.  Many real estate investors use virtual assistants to call FSBO’s of For Sale By Owner ads.  Why work hard when you can get more done by working smart?

The Searchable Library is a collection of real estate investing articles.  We have hundreds of real estate articles from some of the best known real estate guru’s alive today.  We also have a bunch of real estate articles from lesser known subject matter experts who fill in important real estate market niches for our readers.


Our mission is to help real estate investors across America.  We don’t care if you are part of any association of real estate investors, REIA, or REI group.  We just want to help you learn how to make money in real estate.

We are a group of professional real estate investors.  As such we act as a filter to eliminate the frauds of our industry.  We offer a lot of real estate education opportunities and we only offer the best quality education.  We have used our personal connections to bring only the best educators to you in a single place.

We understand that people are too busy to become real estate investors.  These people understand that real estate has made more millionaires than anything in American history.  They want to make money in real estate but don’t have time necessary to make or manage the investments.  For these investors we offer a limited number of joint venture opportunities.    If you are one of these investors and you want to learn how to partner with us, then contact us through this website.





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