5 Telltale Signs Of Scamming Electrical Contractors

The problem with hiring an electrical contractor nowadays is that there are so many of them around. In a city like Brisbane there are probably dozens of contractors but only a few of them are really good. Then you also need to factor in the fact that there are electrical contractors who are really cheap but for a lack of a better word are scams. They are scams because they make you belive like you’re getting the job done for next to nothing when in fact you’re paying a lot more for it than you should. These cheap electrical contractors often use cheap materials which means that you end up having to get the job done all over again a few months or a year later. In order to be able to spot a scam there are a few telltale signs to watch out for as we will look at below.

Sign no. 1: Their quotes are extremely low

Yes, there are cheap and expensive electrical contractors everywhere. Many times contractors who are new to the industry price themselves lower than their more experienced competitors in order to have some type of advantage over them. However, as long as a contractor is educated and you can verify their experience its fine to hire a cheap one for some easy jobs. However, then there are also scams, these people do not have a degree, have some background of working as electricians but are out there to scam people. They too will price their services extremely low. That said they may first ask, what is the lowest quote you are getting? and then offer to do it for 10% or 20% lower just so that they can get the job and scam you. When someone makes an offer like this to you its best to head in another direction.

Sign no. 2: They rarely have any references

When you ask electrical contractors for references they should be able to provide you with a few. Contractors who are not able to provide you with references either do not have the required experience for your job or they are just scams. Often scamming electrical contractors despite having done some work cannot provide you with references of people who are happy with their service, just as you wouldn’t after they worked for you. So, as a rule of thumb if they avoid trying to give you references you should avoid giving them your business.

Sign no. 3: They keep telling you it’s a big job

A professional electrical contractor or company will never keep telling you the job is huge and difficult. Obviously if the job was easy you would do it yourself but this is not the case. However, scamming electrical contractors often try to emphasize the favor they are doing you by working for a low price or offering you a low quote. Even though this may not definitely tell you that the service is a scam you need to be very careful if you decide to do business with these types of contractors.

Sign no. 4: They often never mention taxes or material costs

This is another sign that an electrical contractor or an electrician may try and con you. Electrical contractors should always give you a complete quote which includes material costs and taxes. The materials should be listed right down to the brand of wire they use. If this is not mentioned there is a good chance that low quality materials will be used which is how the electrician will try to make a huge profit by doing a bad job. If the materials and types of materials are not mentioned ask the contractor to mention them in the quote so that you can do a bit of research to find out if they are of a good quality.

Sign no. 5: They never sign a contract

A scam will never want to sign a legal contract which states guarantees, insurance, fees etc. However, legitimate electrical contractors like Brisbane based Speedy Electrical will always provide you with a breakdown of everything they offer in their contract and insist that you sign a contract regardless of the job’s nature. This is to protect your rights and their own.

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Mark is one of the leading experts in electrical engineering. He has been an electrical contractor for over two decades. He recently hired and trained a team of highly specialized contractors who now operate with him on larger government contracts. However, he continues to service home and office owners around the city.