Accredited Education


The American Real Estate Academy is guided by the ideal that the vacuum in accredited education for real estate entrepreneurs needs to be filled with high quality accredited education.  For too long, university business schools have taught commercial real estate in a way that is too highly focused, too expensive, and too time consuming for the real estate entrepreneur, leaving the field open to anyone of any standard of quality to brand themselves as a self-styled ‘guru’.

Business school programs focus on one area – be in investment analysis, finance, construction management, or development – whereas the real estate entrepreneur needs to know all of those aspects in order to be successful.  Entrepreneurs are also people who follow their gut, and who can learn street smarts from doing. They are not the breed of person who will spend 6 years of their life to come out $150,000 in debt, when they could have made millions in that time.

The trouble is that business schools hold the accredited, regulated education that is guided by standards of quality and ethics.  Absent any regulated education for real estate entrepreneurs, the real estate education space has fallen prey to all manner of charlatans, snake-oil salesmen, and rip-off artists.  There are excellent instructors in real estate, but without external standards, like accreditation, the only way to know a program is any good is to take it and by that time it’s too late.  Just ask the thousands of people filing a class action lawsuit against Trump University – even brands are no match for accreditation.

The American Real Estate Academy is founded on the principle that accredited education needs to change.  It needs to become relevant to the needs of the real estate entrepreneur.  And real estate entrepreneurs need to change too.  They need to be more astute consumers of education, have the fortitude not to be duped by the charms of the get-rich quick artists, and to take the time to get real education.  Life is hard.  Making money is hard.  And change is hard too.  But business schools have to change to be more relevant, and real estate entrepreneurs have to change to be more discerning about their education choices.

What is coming here, in the next few months, are real, accredited, trusted education programs that bring top name business school professors and the street-smart real estate doers together in education programs that will rock your socks off.  Stay tuned to this space, and sign up now to be the first to get information when it is released.
We are so excited about being able to offer accredited real estate investing education that we built a seperate webstite for the program.  To see the current course catalogue of available accredited courses, follow this link