Advisory Board


The American Real Estate Investors Academy is honored to have an esteemed group of well-respected professionals serving on its advisory board.  These are the individuals who inspire and influence the Academy. 

Members of this board include some of the most legendary figures in the real estate investing industry.

Meet the Distinguished Members of our Advisory Board:

Ron LeGrand:

Ron LeGrand is a nationally recognized real estate expert and trainer, with 27 years experience in both residential and commercial properties and a 20 year history of hard money lending and brokering.

His experiences include personally buying and selling over 2,000 houses and millions in Commercial Property deals.

Mr. LeGrand is a highly sought after platform speaker, who has addressed audiences as large as 20,000 and as small as 100 in hotels and convention centers across North America, sharing the stage with leaders such as Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Rudy Giuliani, Tony Robbins, Larry King, Dr. Phil, Suzie Orman, and many others. For the last 20 years, he’s been helping thousands of ordinary people take their lives back and create financial freedom by implementing his systems for success as real estate investors.     Today, he’s considered the country’s leading expert and is referred to by many as the “millionaire maker.”

His book is in stores and online, and over the years he’s created dozens of home study products and live training events on various real estate related subjects. He spends much of his time passing on his experience at those live training events, held in various parts of the country, while simultaneously  running over ten different businesses he owns and controls.

Dr Albert Lowry:

For over 30 years, Dr. Albert Lowry has been America’s premiere authority on real estate investing, training such real estate “Gurus” as: Carlton Sheets, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, Ron LeGrand, Wright Thurston and Robert Shemin. Albert often headlines with such speakers as Donald Trump, Suze Orman, Rudy Giuliani, Louis Rukeyser, Zig Ziglar, Sandy Goodkin, Dr. Robert Schuller and Tony Robbins.

In addition, Dr. Lowry has been featured in high-circulation publications such as the New York Times and on the covers of such magazines as Money Magazine and People. He has also appeared on numerous national TF and radio shows such as Wall Street Week, The Today Show, Regis Philbin Show, Merv Griffin and Larry King Live.

Starting with no money, but having a desire to succeed and a great amount of common sense, he pursued his dream. Within a very short time, he mastered the real estate market and began creating concepts and techniques that are the backbone of the “Lowry Formula”. Al spent his childhood in orphanages and foster homes. Working a variety of menial jobs, he realized how much he wanted financial independence. He obtained his real estate license and began to sell property. He soon came to realize that the properties could be purchased with no money down. He bought duplexes and triples and did the routine maintenance himself. Dr. Lowry bought more property and expanded his method to include leveraging, rehabilitating and exchanging his investments.

Dr. Lowry’s has written and published over 20 books. His first, How You Can Become Financially Independent by Investing in Real Estate, earned the distinguished Best Sellers List of the New York Times for three consecutive years. Aside from attaining many professional real estate designations, Albert Lowry also has a doctorate in Business Administration and was recruited to teach the very first Masters Degree Program in Real Estate. He was added to the Academy of American Exchangers “Hall of Fame”, perhaps the highest single honor accorded any individual engaged in real estate.

Having attained financial security, Dr. Lowry began teaching real estate investment seminars in every major city in the country. To date, more than 350,000 men and women have taken his Real Estate Investors Training Program and thousands of Dr. Lowry’s students use his books everyday to become financially independent.

Lee R. Phillips – Attorney:

Lee is a counselor to the Supreme Court of the United States and an engaging speaker.  He will walk you through how to make it and how to keep it using the tools of wealth.  Nobody ever gets rich without an understanding of the tools that create wealth and protect it.  Lee has used the tools of wealth and “done very well.”  His primary residence is on Siesta Key in the Blue Gulf of Mexico, but he grows fruit trees and a big vegetable garden in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.  Lee has many lives.

After getting a Bachelor of Science degree, Lee began his career as a geologist doing geophysical research.  Then he returned to Brigham Young University (BYU) on a full scholarship to get a master’s degree in analytical nuclear chemistry, during which time he created a company that made the first supercritical fluid chromatographs.  At the same time Lee was concurrently pursuing his doctorate in law.  BYU’s LawSchool is one of the nation’s top 25 law schools and its chemistry department is nationally ranked as well.  Lee spent five years as both Assistant General Counsel and Associate Director of Research at BYU.

The path that led Lee to become a nationally recognized speaker on asset protection and money making techniques using the law is a spell binding story that leaves many damp eyes at an event presentation.  He knows firsthand what he speaks about.  Lee has spoken to thousands of audiences and has directly influenced over a million audience participants.

Lee Phillips will teach you how to reposition yourself in the law so that you can go out and make more money than you have ever thought possible.  Yes, a good knowledge of the law will actually let you make more money.  In today’s lawsuit happy society, making it isn’t enough.  You also have to know how to protect your wealth, or someone will take it away from you.  It might be your tenants, the IRS, the government regulations (like lead paint) or some greedy lawyer.  Unless you are shielded, everything you have can be lost.

Josh Caldwell:

Acting Director of the American Real Estate Investors Academy Josh Caldwell is an author, radio show host, a real estate educator, and mentor.  He teaches real estate investors how to make money and eventually how to quit their jobs.   Mr. Caldwell specializes in partnering with his students to structure deals, in a way that teaches the student how to make money without the teacher.  He is the President of the Western Pennsylvania Real Estate Investors Association.  Mr. Caldwell has created a series of online courses to educate several niche categories of real estate investors.

Josh Caldwell is a former U.S. Marine, a Desert Storm Veteran, a Retired Federal Air Marshal, a Shriner, and is involved with several charities.