Apprentice Program


There are three ways to learn a new job skill: read books, as a self-study; attend classes, as an academic student; or study under someone who has expertise in a given field, as an apprentice. 

Let’s call that third method the master craftsman model.  The master craftsman model is much older than the public education model offered by high schools and colleges.   The master craftsman model can be traced back to stone cutters, ship builders, bakers, and every other profession of the old world.  It has survived into modern times and is most commonly used in the building trades.  The master craftsman model believes in transferring knowledge by doing and is perfect for the hands-on learners.  This model is the basis for American REIA’s Apprentice Program


Who is Qualified to Hold the Title Master Real Estate Educator?

There are very few people who are truly qualified to be a Master Real Estate Investor.  In a country of over 300 million people, there are probably several thousand potential Master Real Estate Investors.  Those are the people who have enough success and experience to teach you how to make real money.  From that group we narrow the field even further to include only people who actually have a teacher’s heart and who actually want to share the techniques that make them successful.   However, being a successful real estate investor and wanting to help others succeed isn’t enough.  We narrow it down further, taking one additional element into consideration.  Our master educators must be great communicators.  If you think back to high school, there were a lot of people who were called teachers, but not all of them could teach.  Teaching is a unique set of communication skills that even many successful real estate investors do not posses. This elite group of individuals have earned the title Master Real Estate Educators.


Who are Master Real Estate Educators?

Our Master Real Estate Educators are approachable and very successful investors.  Each of our Master Real Estate Educators must be nominated by one of our esteemed advisory board members.  Since they are hand-picked, they must be able to demonstrate a track-record of successful investing and of teaching others how to make money in real estate.


Who is Qualified to be an Apprentice?

YOU Are!!

To be a successful apprentice you need two things.  First, you need to have vision, seeing your bright future in the path less chosen. Second, you need to be willing to do what poor people won’t do, willing to break out of your pattern and do whatever your Master Real Estate Educators tells you to do.  It is that simple.  Your previous education is irrelevant.  You can do this if you are a high school drop-out or if you have a doctorate.  It doesn’t matter where you are from or what you look like, real estate does not discriminate against anyone. Now isn’t that refreshing?

YOUR effort will equal YOUR results.

Success is earned, not given.  We have the road map, but YOU must take the journey.

If you are the sort of person who dreams of a better life, then YOUR ARE APPRENTICE MATERIAL.


What Do I Have to Do to Become an Apprentice?

You need to make a commitment to your future successful-self. You need to make a commitment to your family.  It is all up to you. Are you going to break from your current pattern?

You need to make a commitment to your Master Real Estate Educator.  You will be taking up this investor’s time, which is their most valuable asset.  Remember, Master Real Estate Educators do not need you.  They are giving their time to help you live a life of freedom and fulfillment.  Don’t worry you will pay them for this service.

When you are dealing with someone who can make $50,000 in a single real estate deal, you can’t afford to pay them what they are really worth.  Especially when you realize that your Master Real Estate Educator is going to teach you the skills that will make you money for the rest of your life.

What is that sort of knowledge worth to you?   $25,000?      $50,000?     $100,000?

What is worth to be able quit your job and live a better life?

What is it worth to you to be able to spend more time with your family?

What is it worth to be able to take your dream vacation, every year?

What is it worth to be free for the first time in your life?  No meetings, no time clock, not boss!

We pay our Master Real Estate Educators less than they could earn in a day’s worth of actual work.  We pay them, not because they need the money, because they don’t.  We pay them so that they understand you, the apprentice, have made a commitment.  That commitment is $10,000 for a SIX MONTH apprenticeship.  For that small amount of money, you will become a personal apprentice to an elite real estate investor, which means no call centers and no untested theory.  Remember, these educators have been hand-picked, because they are some of the most successful investors and proven educators in America, who have agreed to make themselves available to you each week on a 30 minute phone call. That means you get one-on-one, individual attention each week, where you can ask your questions and discuss your deals. If you break-out the cost across those 24 phone meetings, it means you are only paying $417 per week.  Is your future worth $417 per week?

The Harsh Reality…

We don’t have room for everyone.

Applicants are screened on a first-come first-serve basis, and not everyone will be selected.  It is possible that you will be put on a wait list and accepted as slots open up.

Why do we only have room for a limited number of apprentices?  Because each apprentice will work one-on-one with their Master Real Estate Educator, setting aside time each week to talk to you about your real estate deals and walking you through the process of buying and selling houses, even if you have no money and bad credit.


The Future is in YOUR Hands…

Take a leap of faith. Your old plan isn’t working, so you have a choice, either keep doing the actions that don’t work and expect the results to change, or find a new way to do things.

You have no more excuses.  Either take action to change you life and change your future, or live with the fact that your lack of action has trapped you in a life that falls short of your true potential.