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Jon Iannotti – REACT Course

Jon Iannotti – REACT Course   Stephanie Iannotti and Jon Iannotti  Present REACT The most revolutionary real estate training in years. Who are Jon and Stephanie Iannotti ?

What Good Are Real Estate Investors?

What Good Are Real Estate Investors?   Real Estate Investors are a much maligned group, mostly because the press and the public just dont understand what professional real estate investors do. Real estate investors do a lot of good.  We are the people who provide housing to underserved groups.  We provide affordable housing to the …

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Honesty and Integrity in Real Estate?

One of the core beliefs of the founders of the American Real Estate Investors Academy is that honesty and integrity are the cornerstone of a successful real estate business.  It doesnt matter if you are an investor, agent, home repair specialist, of any collateral industry, you need to be a honest person to be successful. …

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Where To Learn About Real Estate Investing?

Making money in real estate is easy, if you know what you are doing.  So where does the novice go to learn how the successful investors are making money? New investors do not need to reinvent the wheel; they need to model the efforts that have brought other investors the results that they crave.   The …

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American Real Estate Investors Academy Radio Show

The American Real Estate Investors Radio Show is an extension of this web site.   The Radio show is dedicated to bringing the latest in real estate education to the masses via online radio and audio material.  To find our radio show go to