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SocialOOMPH allows you to link your social media sites.  For example, you make a post on Facebook and it will also show on your Twitter account, etc.  Click the banner and check it out. The Best part is that SocialOOMPH has a free version for American-REIA readers!!

AboutOurHouse is a web-based marketing platform that helps sell houses faster. If you have ever seen a super professional looking marketing package on a house, then you were likely looking at an AboutOurHouse product. Click the banner and see what they can do to make you more money quickly.

Tube Toolbox automates your daily marketing tasks while not going beyond the limits imposed by YouTube. Tube Toolbox can run in the background while you work on other projects or even while you sleep. This tool allows you to blast your marketing videos across the internet. is the most popular global For Sale By Owner Real Estate site on the Web. has been bringing buyers and sellers together since 1997 by providing them the simplest and most cost-effective route to selling, buying or renting properties online and saving them thousands of dollars each in the process.

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GoDaddy is the place to secure a domain name for your website. They also offer products to make your website easier to find on internet searches. American-REIA members save 30% on GoDaddy orders. Click the banner to get started building the foundation of your internet business.


Yellow Letters are the most successful direct mail marketing product ever created for real estate investors.  Their hand-written appearance has a legendary response rate, and all you have to do is drop them in the mail. American-REIA members get a 5% discount when using our promo-code pbreia5.



Glass Subway Tile

Subway Tile transforms kitchens and bathrooms from ordinary to extraordinary. If you want top dollar out of your house then you need to make it pretty. Click the banner to see the great prices and selection offered by Subway Tile Outlet before your next remodeling project.

Natural Pebble Tile is a great way to maximize your rehab budget and increase your profits. Tile is money. The right tile can help you sell your house for more or rent it higher than your competitors, and that means cash in your pocket. Click the banner to see the great selection and pricing available to American REIA readers.


LBC Lighting is Your Complete Commercial and Residential Lighting Supplier. LBC Lighting offers you the easiest and most convenient way to purchase contemporary lighting, modern lighting, traditional lighting, commercial lighting, energy-saving lighting & organic modern light fixtures. provides a wide variety of eco-friendly products for consumers and an excellent shopping experience. There are many reasons to purchase eco-friendly products, such as they can be healthier and safer, better materials and quality, save you money, more durable and better for the planet to name a few. Click the banner to learn more.



 Outselling Your Competition Plus Bonus CDs

Brian Tracey is a world leading sales trainer. If you are in real estate then selling is the lifeblood of what you do. The better you sell the more money you will make. Brian teaches men and women from every field how to outsell their competition. If you want to see how to outsell your competition click the banner to start.



HomeForExchange is a unique company which will help you rent your house when you are on vacation and also rent a house in your vacation town. Imagine making money while you are on vacation and getting discount accommodations when you are traveling. Click the banner to see how you can do both !!! Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries- 468x60 banner

The Original Craft Beer Club offers a great way to celebrate the successes of your growing real estate business. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed.