BMW i3 Car Insurance

October 18, 2023

What BMW i3‘s Features Are Important To Know for Auto Insurance Consumers?

1. Car's market value:
- Higher the amount, greater the insurance cost.
- BMW i3 has a high market value.
2. Safety features:
- Include high-tech safety systems.
- BMW i3 has robust safety features like City Collision Mitigation.
3. Age of the driver:
- Young drivers pay more.
- They are often considered reckless.
4. Driver's past insurance claims:
- Higher the number of claims, higher the cost.
- No claims can bring discounts.
5. Vehicle's theft rate:
- Popular models among thieves attract high insurance.
- BMW i3 has a moderate theft rate.
6. Driving record:
- Good driving record could lower the cost.
- Traffic violations increase insurance cost.
7. Location:
- Urban areas are pricier due to higher risk of accidents.
- Living in less crowded places can be beneficial.

Main Factors Affecting BMW i3‘s Insurance Cost

The BMW i3 is a compact, fully electric vehicle. It boasts a range of 114 miles on a single charge. It includes programmes that extend range, like ECO PRO and ECO PRO+ modes. Equipped with advanced safety features, it also gets good safety ratings. These include front and side airbags, brake assist and integrated turn signals. Its sturdy carbon fiber body provides added safety. i3 possesses a regenerative braking mechanism. This improves the vehicle's energy efficiency by capturing kinetic energy. The car's digital connectivity features assist with remote control of charging. The park distance control system aids in parking. The BMW i3 has several luxury features. This includes a Leather crafted steering wheel and auto climate control. It uses eco-friendly materials for interior designing. Cost of maintaining the vehicle, including insurance, may be higher than average. Insurance companies take these factors into account when setting rates.

How To Get BMW i3 Insurance Quotes?

Enjoy peace of mind with the right insurance for your BMW i3. We urge you to fill out the insurance form on our website. Accurate quotes based on your provided information will be immediately provided. Order online or get help from our specialist to ensure the best i3 coverage. Start your journey with us today.

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