Ford Explorer Car Insurance

October 25, 2023

What Ford Explorer‘s Features Are Important To Know for Auto Insurance Consumers?

1. Vehicle's Safety Rating
- Higher safety ratings often mean lower insurance costs.
- Explorer has mixed safety ratings which may affect the insurance cost.

2. Age of the Vehicle
- Newer models tend to have higher insurance costs.
- Ford Explorer 2022 may incur more insurance cost.

3. Engine Power
- Higher horsepower can increase the cost.
- The Ford Explorer has a horsepower of 300-400.

4. Vehicle's Cost
- More expensive cars tend to be more costly to insure.
- The price of a new Ford Explorer starts from $32,225.

5. Driver's Age and Driving Record
- Younger drivers, especially teens, drive up insurance costs.
- Drivers with clean records have lower insurance costs than those with violations.

6. Location
- Areas prone to theft or vandalism may experience higher insurance costs.
- Urban areas tend to have higher premiums than rural areas.

7. Purpose and Mileage
- Cars used for business purposes have higher insurance premiums.
- High annual mileage can result in increased insurance costs.

Main Factors Affecting Ford Explorer‘s Insurance Cost

The Ford Explorer is a popular SUV in America. It offers three rows of seating. This makes it suitable for larger families. Its advanced safety features make it desirable. It uses Ford Co-Pilot360 safety technology. It includes blind-spot monitoring and auto emergency braking. These reduce the risk of accidents. Its rugged design suits rougher roads and adverse weather conditions. This also includes a terrain management system. Gas mileage is also commendable in its category. It uses a rear-wheel drive architecture for increased towing capacity. Ford expanded its Explorer lineup in 2020 to include a hybrid and performance-tuned ST. Ford Explorer is not only about power and comfort. It also emphasizes eco-friendliness with a hybrid version. This hybrid model tries to balance fuel efficiency and performance. In terms of price, the range starts at a reasonable amount for the base model. Higher-end trims and optional features cost more.

How To Get Ford Explorer Insurance Quotes?

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