As an Employer Do You Know How to Manage an Employee Going on a Disability Claim?

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If an employee is going off on disability due to mental illness, Carmen Bellows, a SunLife Health Consultant for Group Disability stated “to break down silos and forge relationships with everyone providing care is important to avoid confusion and progress in getting someone back to work”. As insurers, income replacement is important to minimize the impact of the disability, so the individual has less stress in getting them back to work.

Physicians must provide more then a diagnosis in order to understand the treatment plan, as well as employment reengagement. Employers must plan for employee replacement which is a hurdle when you have no idea how long the employee will be off work. Also, if a claim is to be accepted, there must be a clear active treatment plan that addresses why the individual cannot do their job responsibilities.

Carmen noted “that using risk, capacity & tolerance as reference helps psychologists/psychiatrists think about work ability and restrictions, along with objective measures to treatment outcomes”. Without this kind of information, the employer cannot plan for replacement or reengaging the employee with responsibilities they can do if possible.

Bellows speaking at the Benefits Canada Mental Health conference concludes that without effective communication between all involved in the disabilty claim, the employee will feel like they are being policed not supported in getting help to get well and getting back to work. Contact Blackstone Insurance for more information on Group Disability Benefits.

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