Pandemic Won’t Make Tough Decisions Easier For Americans with Chronic Conditions

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It might come as a shock, but a good portion of fellow Americans find themselves in a tough spot amid a tense environment the COVID-19 pandemic created. And while most of us try to navigate our everyday routine during a lockdown, people with chronic health problems have to choose between paying for health insurance and having a meal. 

A global pandemic has sole authority over the working conditions and, apparently, health coverage eligibility. If you are a freelancer dealing with a chronic illness and occasionally making more money than usual, your healthcare plan can fall to pieces. 

While the very concept seems unfathomable, the reality is cruel. Unfortunately, even systems like Medicaid may have faults. And paying for your coverage out of pocket in current conditions is, by definition, impossible.

What does it mean for Americans?

The situation is far from being stable. With job and insurance losses becoming a new normal in these difficult times, there is a good chance that a significant share of Americans will end up in debts, underinsured, or even worse, uninsured.

The next couple of months will make it clear if insurance rates will hit rock bottom. For now, you will have to rely on yourself.


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Date added: January 29, 2021