4 Things That Dictate Whether Insurance Covers Glass Repair

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4 Things That Dictate Whether Insurance Covers Glass Repair
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By Tabitha Richert

Repairing your windows with replacement glass or an entire window replacement can be a great move if you’re looking to upgrade your energy efficiency, or can be a must if the windows have been damaged in an accident or weather event. But the reasons for the replacement and other details of the job can affect whether you’ll be paying out of pocket or depending on insurance.

Here are some of the things that can dictate whether your residential glass repair is covered by your insurance policy.

  1. Cause of the damage versus policy coverage

Typical homeowners’ insurance will cover damage from specific causes such as fire, vandalism, and some types of weather. You may be able to pay extra to have additional causes covered (such as flooding).

However, typically any cause that’s related to negligence or lack of maintenance won’t be covered. Similarly, if your window breaks and you then exacerbate the damage by not taking care of it right away (which could let water in and cause windowsill rot), your insurance may refuse to cover the repairs.

  1. The deductible in your policy

If your deductible is higher than the cost of the replacement, you may end up needing to pay for the entire job yourself. If the deductible is lower than the cost of the replacement, you may end up paying for part of the replacement while the rest is covered by insurance.

  1. Whether your insurance adjuster thinks the repair is needed

Insurance adjusters can be notoriously stingy, since they’re employed by the insurance company and this means their priority is to save the company money rather than to keep your house in top condition. However, it’s understandable that your insurance company may not want to pay out for a brand-new window if your current one is only a tiny bit damaged.

The extent of the damage should affect whether the adjuster approves the repair or not, but in reality the individual adjuster’s personal judgment comes into play as well, so the decisions made may vary between individuals.

  1. Whether you follow the proper procedure

Sometimes, homeowners get bitten by the fine print on their insurance contracts. Your insurance company may require you to use only the repair contractors that they choose, for example. So make sure you talk to the insurance company and follow all their procedures to the letter so you don’t end up paying out of pocket for a glass repair that should be covered.

New windows can often be a great deal for your house whether they’re covered by insurance or not. So check out your insurance policy first, then call a residential glass repair company to schedule an appointment and get your window glass problems fixed.

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Date added: October 26, 2021