The Number of ACA-Insured Americans Skyrockets to 4.6 Million As The Online Insurance Marketplace Works Smoothly

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Being one of the most burning topics among Americans, health insurance is prioritized by the vast majority of people, 92% of whom are covered by either public – Medicare or Medicaid – or private insurance companies. The current year, though, has witnessed a surge in the number of people buying insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) online marketplace.

According to Joe Biden, over 4.6 million Americans gained health coverage in 2021 through the ACA marketplace, which became possible after the current President reopened the ten-years-old marketplace. The President also added that more than 12.6 million Americans signed up for ACA insurance in only six months since November 1.

It’s worth noting that the notorious pandemic – over 51.8 million cases are registered as of mid of December 2022 – has made ACA insurance especially relevant since it grants substantial benefits for the insured:

The President is sure that in light of the fight against the COVID-19, it is especially important to expand health insurance coverage and lower its cost. Americans can still apply for ACA health insurance until January 15.

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Date added: January 4, 2022