Adirondack Regional Insurance 2022

The goals and values of the agency have never changed since its founding in 1997. The agency had a long-standing history of providing fair insurance rates, affordable policies, and reliable services.

As a regional agency, it strived to conform to the standards other local companies religiously followed. The geographical location, however, established the underwriting conditions unilaterally. And even though no one wishes to experience or deal with insurance claims, practicality and effectiveness prevailed in establishing the benefit level, prices, and insured risks.

The agency staff topped the local insurance ratings on numerous occasions thanks to their problem-solving skills and client-oriented approach. But let’s face it: any community-focused business has limited capabilities. That is why after the successful operation, which spanned for 24 years, the transfer of power at Adirondack Regional Insurance Agency had to take place.

Let’s take a look at a detailed company review below to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s product offerings and conditions that led to the acquisition.

The Pros and Cons of the Agency Products

Providing protection and high-quality service at an affordable cost was at the core of the agency’s operation. As an independent business, the company strived to meet numerous insurance needs by offering assistance, providing basics resources, and solving customer problems. With that in mind, the agency created a specific combination of insurance products.

Life and Disability Insurance

This product offering consisted of standard permanent and term policies. The agency also offered an optional disability rider. This way, the policy could serve two purposes and meet two needs simultaneously. In other words, it could come in handy if a client suddenly was no longer capable of work but had to manage payments like rent or college tuition.

Business Insurance

This insurance type was offered to various businesses dealing with numerous risks like compensation claims or public liability.

Here are the examples of business-specific policies the agency offered:

Adirondack Regional Insurance Agency

Classic Auto Insurance

Under this insurance type, the agency offered coverage for stock and modified automobiles.

In general, clients could insure the following vehicles:

Since such automobiles were manufactured 25+ years ago, clients can also insure autos with the following characteristics:

Homeowners Insurance

The agency offered a wide variety of homeowner policies with broad coverage and many extra features. Their clients could find any of the following coverage options:

Apart from the standard products, the agency offered the following optional coverages:

Moto & Auto Insurance

The key features of this product offering were the extra coverage and innovative discounts the agency offered to the local community. This way, clients could insure their family vehicles with the most comprehensive coverage available on the regional market.

Here are the examples of discounts the agency offered to its clients:

Acquisition Aftermath

Numerous clients stated that Adirondack Regional Agency had not lost the human element irrespective of market changes, which is not typical for any business still active in the 21st century. That is why Marshall & Sterling were excited about the acquisition in the first place.

As for the agency perspective, the acquisition is a chance to become a part of a larger organization, which implies numerous advantages like better exposure, increased insurance capabilities, various employee benefits, and much more.

Ultimately, Adirondack Regional Insurance Agency is a community-focused company, and that is exactly what personalized service and care are about.

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