What Should I Do if My Auto Insurance Provider Ignores Me after I File a Claim?

After a no-fault accident, it looked like I was going to have to wait until the police finished investigating before my insurer would authorize my claim. I got the report 2 weeks after the deadline because of mistakes on the side of the police. I called my insurance company…and they never got back to me.

Here are our thoughts about your case:

  • You’re not required to have a police report to file a claim. 
  • It’s odd they didn’t provide you with your adjuster’s direct contact or phone number. That’s not a frequent practice.

We recommend you keep calling your insurer, as sometimes insurers give in if you push them hard. If you don’t hear back after a long time, speak to their supervisor or file a complaint with your state’s Department of Insurance and the Better Business Bureau. Last but not least, you may need a more reliable insurance provider.


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