Cosmetic Insurance: Definitions & Articles

What is Cosmetic Insurance?

Cosmetic insurance or cosmetic surgery insurance is coverage provided by insurance companies in case of plastic or cosmetic surgeries.Acting as a safety net in case of any problems that may occur during a cosmetic surgery procedure or results, this coverage is a good option if your current health insurance policy doesn’t cover cosmetical procedures.

What does Cosmetic Insurance cover?

Although cosmetic insurance is rarely sold separately from personal health plans it can be worth considering to save up costs on plastic or cosmetic surgeries. Some personal health insurance plans can cover cosmetic surgeries such as:

How much is Cosmetic Insurance?

The short answer for this difficult question is, “It depends”. Hence, upon picking a health insurance plan it is important to ensure that it provides coverage in case you need to undergo cosmetic or plastic surgery. The prices for the cosmetic insurance can be quite different depending on factors such as:

It is worth mentioning, that plastic and cosmetic surgeries are personalized for each individual patient. Therefore, it is vital to pick a personal insurance plan that has an individualized approach and consult your primary care physician or specialist that is covered by the majority of health plans before you consider undergoing plastic surgery.

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