Computer Insurance: Definitions & Articles

What Is Computer Insurance?

Designed to protect computers, laptops, and similar electronic devices, computer insurance provides reimbursement in cases of loss, theft, or damage. Computers might not be the most expensive property a person can have, but they could also be one of the most important pieces of property.

Although it is not always advertised as insurance, a computer warranty extension policy is definitely a popular option among computer owners.

What Does Computer Insurance Cover?

When it comes to computer damage coverage, many different warranty plans cover both PCs and laptops. That said, the deductible amount will determine if your laptop model or PC can be covered by a certain policy. You might need to pay a little extra in some cases, especially if you have a high-end laptop model or a workstation PC.

The standard coverage options that generally come with warranty extension plans are:

Even though it is not a standard option that comes with every warranty extension plan, some of the computer insurance plans can also cover issues such as loss of data.

How Much Is Computer Insurance?

Several factors determine the price of a warranty extension for computers and laptops. Since there are countless combinations of computer components even in similar laptop and PC models, it is safe to say that both the price and deductible can vary drastically from model to model. Depending on the laptop or computer model, the annual price for a warranty extension can fluctuate between $28 to $41. You will pay less for brand new computers when older devices can potentially break a bank as a rule of thumb.

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