Watercraft Insurance: Definitions & Articles

What Is Watercraft Insurance?

Watercraft insurance encompasses personal watercraft insurance, yacht insurance, and boat insurance, all covering for the damage to motor vessels with a horsepower enough to speed up to 25 mph. The coverage may include theft, towing, damage, physical loss, and a few dozen more cases.

What Does This Type of Insurance Cover?

Since it is an overarching term, it’s necessary to differentiate between the types of insurance it encompasses:

How Much Is Does It Cost?

It depends on the type of insurance and the conditions of the particular policy. The average cost of boat insurance would be up to $500 a year; of yacht insurance – up to 5% of the vehicle’s value. Jet Ski liability insurance would cost up to $100 a year.

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Boat Insurance: Definition & Types

Boat insurance is intended to safeguard the vessel and its commuters from accidents and other unexpected events. The policies may differ depending on the specific power limit and the boat class. Most of them guarantee year-round coverage and typically shield the craft from acts of vandalism, theft, fire, and storm throughout the off-season. Boat insurance […]

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Personal Watercraft Insurance 101: Everything You Need to Know About Safeguarding Your PWC

There is nothing like a cool sea spray on a hot summer day while you are cutting through waves on your favorite jet ski. It’s at times like this when you immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere of gliding across the water. And it makes you turn a blind eye to all the related threats. […]

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